Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mirror Lake

On Labor Day, we went to Mirror Lake. This is a glacier lake high in the Uintas, the mountain range east of the Wasatch Mountains. The elevation is 10,700 ft, so even though it's early September, it was a little chilly.

A certain someone was grumpy and freezing the entire time.

We took the raft out for a paddle around the lake.

Then we decided to go around the lake on foot.

See Nathan and Henry?

Wierd floaty lake grass

On the way down the mountain, we stopped to get a look at Provo River Falls.

Nathan must get right in the middle of every waterfall he visits.

This picture was worth flipping a U-turn for.

We finished the day in Heber City for burgers and shakes. What a nice day off!


Henry finally started Kindergarten last Thursday. He's been waiting "his whole life" to go to school and now it's really here. He loves his teacher, Mrs. Broderick, recess, storytime and the little boy he sits by, Hunter Hunter (that's what he calls him). He's made lots of friends - I knew he would. Henry wants to read more than anything, so he's come home every day excited about the new letters he's been learning. I can't wait for math to begin. Henry is a wiz at numbers. He can count well over 100, can do addition (like 12+7), and can tell time. He'll blow his teacher away!

On the first day of school, Henry was supposed to wear his favorite t-shirt for show & tell. No surprises here.
I took this picture this morning. It's not the first day of school anymore - they just looked so gosh darn cute!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Silly Dream

This morning while Henry was having his breakfast, he told us about the dream he had last night. It went something like this:

There were three cats - blue, pink and orange. They were being chased by two white eggs. These eggs had faces and one of them was "the fat guy" who weighed 80 hundred pounds. Before the eggs caught the cats they started cracking all over.
The End.