Monday, February 9, 2009

Last Night

It was windy last night. When it's windy, something bangs against the side of our house (can't figure out what it is) and we can't sleep. So, at 12:30 am, Nathan and I decide to go down to the basement and try out the futon we bought for guests - gotta see if it's comfy. It's pretty good. Sometime in the night I hear Henry call out my name. He sounds panicked - Mom's not in her bed. Poor little guy thought I was gone. After I get him back in bed (the banging sounds louder in his room), I can't sleep because I keep thinking I hear Henry come out of his room. Just the wind.

The weather is miserable outside today. Cold. Slushy. Windy. I guess I won't return the library books. I think I'll stay inside and curl up under a blanket with Henry. We'll read books and watch Spongebob. Me and my buddy.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Love For Nie Nie

Nathan and I were lucky to attend a benefit concert for Stephanie and Christian Neilson Monday night in Provo. The musical improv group, The Thrillionaires, was the opening act. They were very funny, especially since everything was sung! Hysterical. Next, Mindy Gledhill, a friend of the Neilsons, performed. She has a beautiful voice and a talented band. She sang some songs that she wrote for Stephanie and Christian and sang a song with two of Stephanie's super adorable daughters. There were a couple of guest performers as well. Ryan Shupe, I'm guessing, is a local LDS musician. We had never heared of him, but the rest of the audience was thrilled when he came on stage. He sang a funny song about a two-year old, played the Nintendo Mario Brothers theme song along with the bass guitarist (which was a riot), and played some serious fiddle during The Devil Went Down to Georgia. David Osmond also sang a song at the end of the show. Apparently, he was on last week's episode of American Idol, but we missed watching the Salt Lake City auditions last week. He is a really good singer - I'm not surprised that he had received a golden ticket to Hollywood! The auditorium we were in was smaller than a high school auditorium, so it was a very intimate concert. We were in the 10th row and all of Stephanie's family were sitting in the rows in front of us - LOTS of bright orange hair in that family - so cute! I got a really sweet picture of Stephanie's little Claire sitting on CJane's lap (too bad it was taken with Nathan's cell phone camera). What a nice family. Overall, the evening was entertaining and inspiring. And successful. The silent auction raised quite a bit of money. The photo session that I donated ended up going for $126, I think.
After the concert, on our way out, Nathan and I ran into Mindy Gledhill. We told her how much we appreciated her generosity and her beautiful voice and then she autographed my ticket stub. Cool.

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And buy Mindy's CD's!