Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Has Fallen

We get excited for fall around here. Our first fall in Utah was right on time and spectacular...

Last year, it froze early - in late September - before the leaves even had a chance to change. Therefore, no pictures.
This year, we decided to take a drive along the Alpine Loop, which is famous for it's amazing fall color. We went in September, to beat any possible freeze. We beat it alright. We drove through still green Aspen trees in 85 degree weather.

The Dixon girls

Henry and Gavin doin' what they do best.

The temperature remained unseasonably warm for most of October and we thought that fall would disappoint again this year. But, last Sunday we woke up and saw this:

Finally! We figured that if this side of the mountain was that pretty, then it would be awesome on the other side. So we took a drive. We were right...

Gotta love it!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Really Need To Catch Up On My Blogging...


Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit in August.

We went rafting down the Provo River.

The boat they brought with them didn't work so well, so they stayed pretty wet.

So did this girl. We thought it was funny that her tube was way to little to be effective.

Rafting was all we did, though. Grandma and Grandpa's trip was cut short. Sadly, Granny had a stroke and they rushed back to AZ to be with her. Granny passed away shortly after. Sommer and I flew down to AZ for her funeral. We both had the unique and special experience of helping to get Granny dressed and ready for the viewing - I'll never forget it.

Here are the things that made Granny...well, Granny!
- Enchiladas
- Jello Poke-Cake
- Crooked Smiles
- The Dishtowel Dance
- Christmas Chimes
- Roast Beef, Potatoes & Gravy
- Singing me nursery rhymes from the Children's Encyclopedia
- Fry Cakes
- Teaching me how to braid using red, white and blue yarn.
- Telling me "I'll have your ear!" when I was being a twerp - which was NEVER.
- The old clock that chimed in the living room.
- Date Nut Candy at Christmas, which is totally famous!
- Teaching me how to Candlewick (does anyone know what that IS anymore?)
- Letting us grandkids play "Murder in the Dark" in Grandpa's office.
- Her giggle
- Saving the funnies for us out of the Sunday paper. We didn't get the paper.
- Playing the organ
- Telling me that my lost tooth will grow back in solid gold if I didn't stick my tongue in the empty space.

I love you Granny!

I was in AZ during the first week of school. The kids got off to a great start.

We have two Middle-Schoolers this year. This is the group they walk to school with every morning. (Notice the dork in the window behind them?)

Then Gillian turned 12!

And that's all for now!