Monday, October 12, 2009

Nice Looking Family, Eh?

We took our Fall Family Photo yesterday. We decided that this would be an annual thing, since fall is our favorite season and the colors in a fall photo would go nicely in our house. We were sorely disappointed, however, that the canyon we chose had already passed its fall prime. Little Cottonwood is quite a higher elevation and the weather there has already reached freezing. We totally missed the fall colors, but the pictures turned out cute anyway.

Photo editing courtesy of Hailee


Sommer said...

Cute Photo! Guess what. Gavin just got the same shoes as Henry. He won't take them off.....EVER!

thesvancaras said...

love it! The girls are growing up so fast!

Allison and Nathan said...

Sommer -
That's so funny, because I have to FORCE and fight Henry to wear those shoes. In fact, we had to bring them in the car with us and make him put them on right before the picture was taken. He calls them his "impossible shoes" because they're almost impossible to get on!