Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

This is the first Valentine's Day in 12 years that I didn't shave my legs. Nathan's in Utah. We secretly sent each other a package of Valentine goodies and we both received them yesterday - the same day! Instead of feeling sorry for myself today, I decided to share the love and deliver homemade Valentine cookies to my parents and my siblings. I haven't seen much of my family lately, which is a shame since we're leaving soon. We get to spend some time with Nathan's family next weekend because Ben and his family will be in town. Well, it being Valentine's Day, I'm going to write what I'll miss most about some of you people!

Mom - Everything, of course, she's my mommy! But I'll mostly miss the way she takes care of my kids when she has them. She shows them a good time and cares for them like I would care for them.
Dad - His sense of humor and hugs. He says, "I love you babe!" when he gives me a hug. I also love that he still calls me A.J.
Hailee - Her knowledge about everything. She has a lot of interesting interests!
Nate - His enthusiasm for everything he does. He also always likes to help.
Sommer - Her phone calls. She might think she calls too much, but she's the one that I know the most about.
Jeremy - His concern for all the kids. When we're all together, he seems to be keeping a watchful eye on the little ones.
Cody - He gives me hug every time he sees me - this has been the case since he was 2 years old.
Katelyn - Her youth. Hanging out with her keeps me young. She's the one that gives the oldest sister fashion and make-up tips!
Brian - He chuckles at just about everything I say. Maybe he's got a great sense of humor and laughs at everyone, but it makes me feel like I'm funny anyway!
Jim - His advice. Also his willingness to help when we ask for favors.
Peggy - Her patience with the grandkids. Nothing is ever too much when it comes to them. Oh, and her cooking - yum!
Ben - The topics of conversation become more interesting (and more humorous) when he's around.
Elisabeth - She's so easy to talk to. I could talk to her for hours.
Suzi - Her dedication to her family. She dives in and throws herself into what her kids are doing - all without a husband. Hats off to Suzi!
Terry - I already miss him. He's serving our country in the Middle East. I admire his bravery.
Jason - His, I won't miss that! He is a hard worker though, and has been through a lot. I have seen a better man emerge through it all.
Melissa - She's the newest adult member of the family and I love how she's fitting right in. I'm also impressed with the fact that she's worked with troubled kids.
Natalie - Her sweetness. I think that would come in handy being a teacher!
Justin - His sarcasm.
All of the kids - (Jane, Lucy, Luke, Andie, Gavin, Amelia, Reese, Jackson, Mason, Nicholas, Noah, Ansley, Aubree, Kyler, Alissa, Olivia, Logan, Malachi and Maddie). I feel about them the way Dorothy feels about the scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz - I think I will miss them most of all!

I will miss everyone - but not for a couple of weeks. Right now I really miss Nathan!


jakeandmel said...

You are a real tear jerker allison..thanks.. Good News..I am getting baptised on March15th..Im really excited, its been something I have wanted to do since I was little and I finally feel ready and excited about starting or new life togeather, in our new home and with a new sense of peace and tranquility..We are really looking forward to a new chapter and a new beginning..we are going to miss you so much, it just won't be the same without all you guys..I hope we can keep in touch and have lots of visits..Have a great day..Melissa

thesvancaras said...

Al, you are a sweetheart. You made Brian and I both smile.