Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I love my father in law so much! Nathan's car was in need of some minor repairs before we make the big drive to Utah next week, and since Nathan's in Utah, the responsibility fell on my shoulders. Not to worry - here comes my father in law to save the day! Jim has been awesome. He has met me at the mechanic's and driven me back and forth to pick up the car as well. Once I got the car home, I realized that the mechanic didn't entirely fix the battery problem - well, the battery was drained, so I guess he didn't fix it at all! I mentioned this to Jim and this morning he showed up at my house with my brother in law, Ben, and got the car started and took it away to be fixed again! What a blessing that is for me right now when I've got no extra time to deal with car problems! I know Nathan appreciates it too. Thanks Jim!

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Julia Mortensen said...

Hi Allison, I just stumbled upon your blog, they're such a great way to keep in touch with family! Just wanted to say Hi. Good luck in Utah!