Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Yesterday was my 33rd birthday. It was fairly uneventful as birthdays tend to be the older we get. I made an angel food cake - this was the cake I asked my mom for every year growing up. I guess I still need my mom to bake my birthday cakes for me, because mine didn't turn out so well. A few ladies in the ward dropped by with gifts, which was nice. I also received gifts in the mail from mom and Hailee - good timing! Nathan and the kids gave me some dinner plates that I really wanted to go with the new kitchen. So, it was a quiet birthday. We did go out to celebrate Saturday night, though. We went to a movie (Nim's Island) and ate at the Citrus Grill, my new favorite restaurant. Here's something cute: Henry knows that Nathan is 33, and when I said I was now 33, he said, "You're going to turn into Dad?" Goofy kid!
My plates.

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thesvancaras said...

I have a gift for you that I have to give you in person... :) See you in july!