Monday, June 23, 2008

Father's Day

Today, Dad got breakfast in bed - German pancakes, which he gets once a year (on Father's Day). The kids and I gave him accessories for his mountain bike.

Here are the boys in their new Sunday shirts. This is Henry's new smile!

After dinner, Nathan said he wanted to go for a walk in Corner Canyon. We parked the car at the Draper Temple, which is under construction. It will be nice when it's finished, since it's only five minutes from our house!

These are the houses across the street from the temple. No fair!

Who lives way up there!

The view of the temple from the hiking trail.

During our walk, Nathan and Henry got ahead of the rest of us and hid in the bushes until we passed. Then, while the kids were posing for a picture, Nathan and Henry sneaked up from behind and scared them!

Henry fell and got a boo-boo, but luckily Gillian had her little first aid kit in her purse. (How did she know?)

All better!


Nate or Hailee said...

Hey, I like your temple. Did you know we get one too? It's been announced for the Northwest Phoenix area.

allison & nathan said...

I heared. Of course, the west valley gets a temple after I leave! Oh, well - I guess I have plenty of temples to go to here (which I haven't taken advantage of yet.) Bad Allison!

Mom said...

I'm jealous of all the beautiful places you have to walk. I was doing 20 miles a week. Not now, way to hot. Oh well. I'll have 9 months of great walking weather soon.

thesvancaras said...

That's looks so nice. I love the houses near the temple. So pretty! I want one. Have fun with your nice weather while our mascara melts to our eye lids over here....