Saturday, August 16, 2008


Caleb, Henry, Ian

Since we've been here, Henry has been trying to make friends with two little boys that live down the street, Caleb and Ian. It's been hard because they live across the street from each other and are rarely apart. These boys are inseparable. Two weeks ago, Henry and I picked some veggies from our garden and walked down the hill to give them to Ian's mom. Caleb and Ian were outside playing. Henry walked over to join them and they finally invited him to play! After I was through chatting with Ian's mom, I went to fetch Henry from Caleb's house. His mother said, "Oh, they told me they were all going to your house!" I quickly ran back up the hill and found all three boys in my house playing video games. And that was it - Henry was part of the group! Now the boys spend their days running back and forth to each other's houses. They can't get enough of each other. It's great - Henry feels so popular and he couldn't be happier! He's also had quite a few play dates with Max, a boy in his Sunbeam class. Max has church shoes just like Henry, which he calls his "Henry shoes". Henry gets along great with Max (the cutest blue-eyed, toe head blonde boy I've ever seen) and I also get along great with Max's mom, so it all works out! We took Henry and Max to Bounce U the other day and they had a blast bouncin' around together!

Last weekend, Nathan turned on the sprinkler for our boys. It didn't take long for Caleb and Ian to come running up the hill in their swimsuits!

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