Monday, August 18, 2008

I Love to See the Temple, I'll Go Inside Someday

Ever since I was little I have wanted to go inside the Salt Lake Temple. Not only is it my favorite, but has loads of historical significance, not to mention it's an architectural marvel! We decided to invite two couples in the ward (who happen to be our best "Date Night" buddies) to attend a session with us this last Friday. Much to my surprise, one of them had also never been in the Salt Lake Temple, and one couple hadn't been in 14 years! I just assumed that people who live in Utah attend the SLC Temple regularly - apparently not! So we were all pretty excited. First we went to Settebello, a restaurant in downtown Salt Lake that we've been wanting to try. It was yummy, but eating took a little longer than expected. We made our session in just the nick of time - thanks to getting lucky with a parking spot right on No. Temple Street. The temple was just as I expected. Of course, I can't go into detail, but seeing a live session was really special and much different than the other temples. I got a little emotional in the Celestial Room thinking about how old the temple is, how many prophets had walked those halls, and all of the hard work and sacrifice that went into building it. It was a wonderful evening, and I definitely plan on going back!

Me, Melinda, Scott, Emily, & Barry

Yes, that is a full moon next to the temple spire! Awesome!

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thesvancaras said...

HI ya! In my last post.. By saying my "hands" are bigger... I didn't mean Hands. :) But my feet feel a little chubby when I wear baby doll shoes...ouch