Thursday, March 13, 2008

We've moved!

Wow! I haven't posted anything since we moved to Utah. It's been crazy busy! The move went fairly smoothly. We stopped in Las Vegas on the way and stayed in the Circus Circus Hotel. This was the first time my kids have seen Las Vegas and they didn't see much! We didn't arrive until 5 am, so they were asleep and missed all the city lights. Also, Circus Circus is on the end of the strip, so we didn't even get a glimpse of the other cool hotels. It just occurred to me that I stayed at the Circus Circus Hotel the first time I can remember Las Vegas. Cool! I have a fond memory of winning a stuffed animal at the arcade in the casino. I still had it until a couple of years ago - I had to get rid of the old tattered thing! Anyway, we drove from Las Vegas, though St. George, and up to Sandy the next day. We had some trouble with our credit card along the way. Every other time we tried to use it, it was denied. Of course, it only happened at the gas station. We spent about 40 minutes at every gas station on the phone with the credit card company trying to fix the problem. Since they kept seeing activity on the card in so many different cities, they thought we had stolen the card and were on the run! The whole thing was totally frustrating. We arrived at our new house at 10:30 pm (Feb. 29). Our neighbor across the street heared us pull up and came out to say hi. He offered to let us sleep at his house for the night. We didn't object. An already-made warm bed sounded so nice! The next morning, I walked across the street to our house to find about 15 men unloading the moving truck. Throughout the rest of the weekend, we had a constant flow of neighbors stopping by to introduce themselves or to bring cookies or meals. It was nice. I still have sisters in the ward stop by to see if they can take my kids for a few hours. What a great ward!

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