Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Before and After

I've had a request for pictures of the inside of our house. The house looks alot different than it did when we bought it, so in the spirit of HGTV, here's some before and after shots of the three bedrooms. The rest of the house still needs some coming soon (or later).

Master Bedroom



Boys' Room


Girls' Room


Julia Mortensen said...

wow! your paint jobs are awesome, very creative, i might have to steal a few!

Nate or Hailee said...

What kind of lights do you have in your bedroom? It looks pretty. The pink and brown in the girls room is really nice too. Where did you find the drapes for their closet?


allison & nathan said...

Hmmm, we actually hate the light in our bedroom. It's a track light with 4 little spotlights. I just point one at each corner and I think it looks weird. We were planning on replacing it with a ceiling fan, but maybe I'll reconsider.... I got the girls curtain at Bed, Bath & Beyond - it's a shower curtain! Thanks for the compliments!

Sommer said...

It doesn't have to look like a model home to post pictures of your home. I want to see the kitchen, the basement, your bathrooms, your laundry room, and even your scary basement concrete cave thing. Please?

Amy Crosby said...

Allison, I get worn out just looking at your pictures. Painting is hard work! Everything looks great. I bet the kiddies are loving thier rooms...