Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tree Hugger's Ball

Nathan and I went to a "Green" Gala last night in downtown Salt Lake. We rode the light rail to save gas - a "green" thing to do. Nathan's company was one of the event sponsors, so Nathan snagged a couple of $65 tickets for free! It was a swanky event with good food and live music. There was a raffle and a silent auction to raise money for TreeUtah, an organization that plants trees all over Utah. Nathan and I bid on a package of family tickets to the Hogle Zoo, Living Planet Aquarium, Tracy Aviary and Discovery Gateway (kind of like the AZ Science Center, but way better). We won the auction, so not only did we help plant a few trees, but our kids are thrilled with us! They have been requesting to go to all of these places. The aquarium is right by our house - Elliot saw it last Saturday and really wanted to go. Now we'll have some fun things to do over the next few weeks!

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