Sunday, April 20, 2008

"This is the Place"

At Samantha's school, all fifth graders do a big report on a state of their choice - as long as that state hasn't been chosen by someone else! The report is a huge deal and they work on it the whole school year. Samantha moved here right in the middle of it, so she wasn't required to do the written portion of the report. She lucked out. She was given the state of Utah, so that she could learn more about the state that she moved to. There was a "State" Fair held at the school last week, where all of the fifth graders made posters and displays about their state and then all of the students at the school come to the fair and went to each booth to learn about all of the United States. Samantha prepared for the fair all on her own - she did all of her research on the internet. I was very impressed. All she wanted me to do was write the captions on her poster. The whole family now knows all there is to know about Utah after listening to her many practice runs for the oral report that she gave to the class a week after the fair. She did a great job and I'm very proud. She got a 96% - go Sam!

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lambie-pie said...

Way to go Samantha!