Friday, July 25, 2008

Grandma and Grandpa Visit!

Grandma and Grandpa surprised us with a visit 4th of July weekend. We were so excited to have them! On the 4th of July, we went to a neighborhood breakfast at the Lloyd's house in our ward. Lots of pancakes, bacon and fresh fruit. Yum!

Then we hopped in our cars and drove to Provo Canyon, stopping for fresh cherries at a roadside stand along the way. We stopped at Bridalveil Falls for a while.

Grandpa thought it would be funny to get a shot of me helping Henry potty in the bushes.

While Nathan hiked to the top of the falls, Mom wanted me to take a photo of her and dad. While crossing the little creek, she dunked her foot in the water!

When Nathan got back, he helped mom back across the water to save her other shoe from going for a swim!

We continued on the Heber city on the other side of the mountains. We had lunch and fresh fruit shakes at a local dive (very busy!) before heading back to Sandy.

We ate some dinner, lit some fireworks in the street in front of our house with our neighbors and then drove to the high school to watch the real fireworks. It was a short show, but I thought it was cool that it looked like the fireworks were exploding over the Jordan River Temple!

The next day we all rode the Trax light rail into Salt Lake City. We had lunch at the Gateway and then went to Temple Square. Grandma and Grandpa hadn't seen the new Joseph Smith movie in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, so we made sure we didn't miss that. What a tear jerker! Last, we did some shopping in the Distribution Center.

It sure is fun to have company, but we're really looking forward to coming home at Christmas time to see everybody!

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Natalie said...

It looks like you guys had a good time. It must not be 114 degrees because you were outside. How nice. I'm excited that you're coming home at Christmas;can't wait to see you.