Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Carpet......What a Relief!

We finally got new carpet in the basement (remember the cats?). What a process! Before we decided to get the carpet, I had started stripping the white paint from our banisters.

After the carpet was ordered, I then had one week to strip, sand and stain all of the banister rails that were attached to the stairs where the carpet was going to go. So..... we ripped out the old carpet from the stairs. We had to get used to going up and down the bare stairs while avoiding the exposed carpet tacks. Henry called them "thorns"! Each banister rail took one hour to strip and sand. I had to do 26 total. I worked about six hours a day for a week straight. Tedious and boring! Staining was the easiest, but still took a few hours. I decided on a black-brown color. Last came the polyurethane coating. After the banisters were finally done, I went ahead and painted a couple of walls around the stairs. Then, we had to rip out the carpet in the basement. Since the concrete underneath possibly had cat urine soaked into it, I had to paint the concrete with a sealant.

So, it's easy to guess that getting the carpet installed was a huge relief and a huge break for me! And it looks great! The kids took advantage of the big empty room and played tag in the basement all day. At night, we let them camp out.

What Henry was most excited about was the fact that we could finally bring the furniture back into the room and hook the XBox up again.

What an addict!

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