Monday, July 28, 2008

Katelyn, Brian and Cody Visit!

Well, they came for a visit after we returned from Yellowstone, but I still haven't felt like sorting though the 500 pictures we took - that blog post will have to wait! I did, however, figure out how to upload and post video from our camcorder, so I've added video to a few of our past posts. This next video is my favorite: I'm sure Katelyn has related the story of how they surprised our kids with a visit. Kate, Brian and Cody sneaked into the house and hid in the girls' room. I told them I had a surprise for them in their room. Katelyn accidentally set her cell phone on the dresser, so Samantha thought that we had finally given her a cell phone! Watch:

Too funny! The next day we went to Provo Canyon. We took our new raft and Katelyn, Brian and Cody rented tubes and we floated down the river. There was just enough rapids to excite the kids, but not scare them. The weather was perfect and the canyon was beautiful. We only have a few pics, because none of us wanted to bring our cameras on the water!

Cody kissin' his tube.

After our run down the river, we had a picnic lunch by Bridalveil Falls.

When we got back, we were completed wiped out, so we rested until dinnertime. We went to Texas Roadhouse at 6:00 pm and didn't get home until 9:30! Retarded!
On Sunday, after church, we packed up some chicken and headed to Millcreek Canyon for a BBQ. We weren't prepared for all the picnic areas being full! It took us an hour to find a picnic table that also had a grill for our chicken. But soon enough, our tummies were full and we enjoyed a game of Chickenfoot and made s'mores over a fire.

We kind of planned on going to Park City, but we discovered that the Snowbird Ski Resort in the canyon by our house also had an alpine slide - and it was 15 minutes away! So we spent the next day in Little Cottonwood Canyon (3 canyons in 3 days - only in Utah!)

What's Cody doing? I think Katelyn's wondering the same thing.
We went down the slide a few times and the adults did the zipline.

I personally thought it was most fun to go down the slide with Henry. The whole way down he yelled, "Yeeeaaahhh! All right! Faster!"

Samantha was killing us - she rode the brakes all the way down the slide! We told her it was more fun to go fast.

Finally, Cody had enough and took her down with him. One ride with Cody cured her slowness and she picked up the pace a little bit!

Last, we rode the aerial tram to the top of the mountain. Cold!

When we got home from Snowbird, our day still wasn't over. We went iceblocking on a hill right by our house.

When it was dark, we came home and did what Cody was waiting for all weekend - we lit over $100 worth of fireworks! It was quite the show!

Thanks for coming guys! We had a blast!


Sommer said...

I cracked up when Brian used 4 blocks of ice to go down the hill. He was flyin'! Ha Ha Ha!

Mom said...

Looks like you all had a great time. You've had a very busy summmer.

thesvancaras said...

Your pictures made the trip look alot better than mine did :) Thanks again for letting us come up!