Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Henry Turns 4

Henry couldn't wait for his 4th birthday. He'd much rather be 6, but 4 will do for now. For his birthday, he received nine of the little Star Wars figures that he loves so much, a Lego Star Wars video game, a Lego Star Wars T-shirt and a new scooter. He immediately took the video game and went downstairs with it to try it out!

For dinner, he wanted pizza at the park.

We went to Draper Park, because it has a creek running through it. This turned out to be a bad thing, since Henry decided to go for a little swim. A woman that was walking her dog happened to see him flailing around in the water and had to fish him out. Thank goodness for her!

Gillian was crossing a wooden bridge when she saw Henry go in. She pulled herself across to bridge so fast to get to him, that she got a hand full of splinters. Poor Gilly!
After Henry got soaked, he didn't want to play at the park anymore, so we had to take his birthday cake home and blow out candles in dry clothes!

Happy Birthday Henry!

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