Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

We carved our pumpkins 2 days before Halloween. The kids picked a pumpkin from our "pumpkin porch" and we got to work. As usual, they didn't like pulling out the stringy goop - it's that way every year. Henry made multiple comments like "that's gross" and "oh, great - now I need to wash my hands".

Our kids are more interested in getting to the final result. So, as Nathan and I carved, the kids ate caramel apples.

In the end, the kids got what they wanted - tons of sugar stuck in their teeth and their Halloween jack o' lanterns.

Where's Samantha's pumpkin, you ask? Well, she has always been too cool for pumpkin carving - she sat in the kitchen reading a book the entire time!

1 comment:

love_suz said...

I like the one eyed jack o lantern!

Samantha...were to cool for pumkin carving at our house too. No pumkins at our house this year =)