Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Gardner Village

I thought that Gardner village was so fun that I had to take Nathan and the kids there two nights later for FHE. The village hosts a Witch Scavenger Hunt for kids every October. I downloaded the list before we left and the kids had a great time hunting for witches. For example, they had to find a "witch wanting a kiss", and a "hula-hooping witch".

The sign says "kiss the cook"

There were a dozen witches to find in all, and when the kids were done, they got to turn in their finished lists to the bakery for a cookie!

When we were heading back to the car, Gillian said, "Thanks Mom, that was fun." Oh, it's so nice to be appreciated!

Apparently, Gardner Village does the same thing at Christmas time, only with an "elf" hunt and hot cocoa for a reward. So, I guess we'll be going back in December!

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love_suz said...

That looks like lots of fun. Everyone loves a scavenger hunt!