Monday, December 15, 2008

The Christmas Tree

We decorated our tree last Monday for Family Home Evening. It turned out to be the best tree decorating ever. Just when we finished the tree, we looked out the window to see that it had started to snow. Watching the gently falling snow, the fireplace burning, the glow of the Christmas tree, and the Oak Ridge Boys singing Silent Night truly brought the spirit of Christmas into our home. I couldn't have planned the moment any better than that!

Next, the kids hurried and threw their snow clothes on and went outside. Nathan went out as well and pulled them around the yard in a sled for a while. Then they all came in for hot chocolate and Christmas cookies. We have been finding out that a real winter complete with snow gives the holiday season that extra special touch. The songs White Christmas and I'll Be Home for Christmas also have new meaning. Can't wait to see the fam!

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