Monday, November 1, 2010

A Bunch of Zombies . . . and a Prince

Well, another Halloween has come and gone. It was super fun - let's start at the beginning:

Gotta get the pumpkins carved!

First, Dad cuts the top off and the boys scoop out the guts. Look what had sprouted inside the dark pumpkin!

Next, everyone draws what they want the pumpkin to look like. Then, we vote.

Mom roasts the pumpkin seeds while Dad carves the pumpkin's new face.

The Vampire pumpkin wins the election.

The pumpkins go out to the front porch and then . . . caramel apples for dessert!

Friday is the ward Trunk-or-Treat. The kids fill their buckets to the top with candy and Mom and Dad win one of the grand prizes for decorated trunk. Cool!

Saturday is Halloween (for all intents and purposes). Here in Utah, there are so many church members, that even non-members don't mind moving Halloween ahead one day. Too bad the weather is kinda miserable this year: cold, rainy, windy. Too windy to decorate the front porch for trick or treaters. We decide the leave all our spooky stuff in the trunk from the night before and open the garage door.

We dress up in costume for the third time this week and head over to Greg and Andrea's for a little pre-trick-or-treating dinner party. We watch the rain come down all through dinner, wondering if the kids will think all that candy will be worth braving the elements for.

It's funny how much Elliot looks like another Elliott, who was also a zombie (or a hunchback) on Halloween!

Time to trick-or-treat! Mom stays behind (there's no WAY she's walking around the neighborhood freezing HER butt off) to pass out candy to the other brave trick-or-treaters and to get ready for all the girls Gillian and Samantha have invited to the house for a Halloween party.

Let the candy trading begin!
I absolutely LOVE these girls! We miss the six others that couldn't come.
After doughnuts and fresh apple cider, a Halloween must-have, they all cozy up together to watch The Private Eyes, one of my favorite movies. It's a hit!

They all had a spooky good time . . . here come the cavities!

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Jana Sohm said...

How fun to have an after-trick-or-treating party! You are such a fun mom. Hopefully I will let my kids do the same when they get a little older. I love all the girls in our ward!