Sunday, March 23, 2008


We thought we were going to have a lonely Easter Sunday at home. Saturday evening we got an invitation from Nathan's childhood friend, Brandon, to spend Easter with his family at his parent's house. Brandon lives not far from us and we have recently spent some time with his family. They have a girl Samantha's age, a girl Gillian's age and a boy Elliot's age. They all get along so well! Easter was really nice. There were a lot of kids to play with - Brandon's parents planned a big egg hunt for all of them. Henry was so funny. He was told to find only the blue eggs with no stickers on them. He checked every blue egg and announced "no stickers!" when he found one of his. The house was amazing! The basement was the same size as our entire house in Arizona - complete with a movie theater with stadium seating, soda machine, game room, candy machines, fooseball, air hockey and a bar to eat at. Our kids didn't want to leave! It's pretty cool how we ended up living near Brandon and that our kids like each other so much.

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Burton Family said...

so cute to see you guys! i tried e-mailing you but they keep getting sent back to me! :( i'll try again. glad you had a fun easter.