Monday, March 31, 2008

Not Another Post About Snow!

I really don't need to add pictures to our blog every time it snows - if it were January, that would be just about every day! Boring. But to me, the snow isn't boring yet. I still can't get over the unexpected sight of a beautiful white world when I open the window in the morning. It looks so magical. Plus, tomorrow is APRIL and this much snow is crazy! It wasn't even cloudy when we went to bed at midnight last night, and we woke up to this! This was the first snow since we've been here that covered the driveways and the streets. What's really neat is that our neighbor came by with a snowblower while we were still asleep and cleared the snow out of our driveway for us! I hadn't driven on snow-covered streets thus far. I was really careful when I drove the kids to school this morning - nevertheless, I almost rear-ended a fellow parent. Although I was only going 5 MPH, the van started to slide when I pressed the brakes to stop. I quickly steered to the side and just missed the car in front of me. Whoops!
I found this on the back porch this morning. I think Gillian did it!

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Amy Crosby said...

So cute, to find after everyones off to school.