Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Girl Can Change Her Mind

Obviously, I've changed the template for our blog. I've always liked dots and I love how this template is colorful thoughout the page - not just the top. This was my first choice when I first started the bog, but I know several people that use it. Now I don't care. I wish I knew how to design a custom template - none of them really suit me!


Burton Family said...

in case you don't remember, i did indeed offer to help you create a custom template. the offer still stands.

Burton Family said...

i just reread what i wrote and it sounds kinda snobby! i didn't mean to come across that way! sorry... i just meant i can help you customize your template if youw want- i know mine is not your style, but i'm sure we could find some retro paper or whatever you like online to use.

allison & nathan said...

you didn't sound snobby. i've become very accustomed to sarcasm in my house - i can always tell when someone is using it! i would love your help with our blog. i'd like to add some music and find out if i have more options with photo placement. when you feel more settled, give me a ring! thanks!