Thursday, March 27, 2008


I got a much-needed haircut yesterday. I walked over to the girl's house with Henry beside me on his scooter - she lives four houses away from us! I really like the cut. I don't like the picture, but I'm posting it because when I look at this picture I'm surprised to see how much I look like both my Dad and Mom. I can also see how old I'm getting - nice wrinkles!


Nate or Hailee said...

Yay straight hair again!

jakeandmel said...

Allison I love the hair..It is you... It looks great.. Ya we are all getting old.. I will be 30 this year, well in a month..just 3 days after mothers day on May 14th.. I for some reason am just not looking forward to being 30..I know its just a number but 30 just sounds old..Whatever you look adorable..Melissa