Sunday, October 5, 2008

Donuts and Apple Cider

Last night was the priesthood session of General Conference. My extended family back in AZ usually celebrates by sending the guys off to their meeting while the girls and the kids stay at my mom's house to make homemade donuts. I must be used to this tradition, because after Nathan left the house last night, I got a hankerin' for a donut. I don't know how to make donuts (nor did I feel like trying - that's mom's job), so the kids and I looked online for a good donut shop. The closest one was in Orem - what, people in Salt Lake County don't like donuts? So we settled for donuts from the Smith's Bakery. But what made our treat better was the fresh pressed apple cider that we picked up from a cider mill 2 miles from our house. That cider tasted just like October! Yum!


thesvancaras said...

This year mom and dad ditched us for a cruise and the rest of the family wasnt willing to do doughnuts on our own. We settled for something a bit different but still deep fried. Chicken wings with hailie's family.

Sommer said...

We had Pizza and some homemade halloween sugar cookies at a friends house in our ward. There were 4 couples and 13 kids. We had already made the plans by the time Katelyn called us.
Speaking of donuts, I heard a rumor that a Dunkin' Donuts was opening up just by my house like a year and a half ago. Where is my Dunkin' Donuts?!!!!?!?

Jessica said...

That apple cider sounds so good!