Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Field Trip

Today I went with Elliot on his class field trip to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point. Cornbelly's is a pumpkin patch with a corn maze, hayride and lots of various fall activities. I wish the field trip would have been yesterday when the weather was nice. Today it was AWFUL! It was 45 degrees and overcast - not to mention to 30-40 mph winds slamming tons of hay and dirt into our faces. Can you say allergies? It was so miserable, that my little group and I mostly stayed huddled up inside a little candy store to keep out of the wind. I was hoping that the teachers would call it a day and let us take our lunches back to the school to eat in the classroom. No such luck. We did leave Cornbelly's a little earlier than planned, but it wasn't enough - I'm beat! I'll probably think twice the next time the school asks for field trip volunteers!


Sommer said...

It looks dark and dreary in the background. Burrrr! I wouldn't have handled that very well.

Natalie said...

Oh come on, don't let one bad day keep you from going on field trips. Just don't go on the winter ones. :)