Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bear Lake

We finished off the summer with a bang. The Bishop and his family invited us out for a fun weekend at Bear Lake. What a blast! We enjoyed the beach.......

..............and the boat.

This was our kids' first experience on a ski boat.

Rachel was the only one brave enough to try the knee board.

Bishop tried his best to make Nathan and Leslie take a spill.


Gillian and Rachel got bumped off as well.

But it was all good, because it was time for a swim break.

Mark, Nathan & Leslie

We also enjoyed famous Bear Lake raspberry shakes and the HUGE Old Ephriam 28" pizza.

Other things we didn't enjoy so much were ICE cold showers, sunburns and a little rain as we tried to pack up. We were also disappointed to never hear one of Bishop's "Rocco and the Dudemeister" stories - we were promised! It was really fun spending time with the Dixons and getting to know them better. Thanks for sharing your weekend guys!


Natalie said...

How fun. The water looks so beautiful there. watch out a boat will be the next thing Nathan wants.

nanapeggy said...

I am so jealous. You know how I love those raspberry shakes!

Jana Sohm said...

Your weekend looks so fun! Let's plan a neighbor weekend next summer at Bear Lake. It is always so fun going w/ friends!