Monday, August 10, 2009

Provo Half Marathon

Nathan ran his first half-marathon on Saturday. He's been training for it for many months, but he's been having problems with one of his knees and was concerned he wouldn't be able to make his goal of a 1 hour 40 min half-marathon. The morning of the race, he left at 4 :00 am because he needed to be at the entrance to Provo Canyon before 5:00. The kids and I also woke up early so that we could be in Provo in time to see him cross the finish line. We found the Taylors in our ward and sat with them to watch the thousands of runners finish the race. The winner of the race finished at around 1:08:00. Pretty impressive.

The kids and I ate our breakfast muffins and cheered for each runner until the time neared 1:40:00. I got my camera ready and soon after we saw Nathan come around the bend.

Nathan finished only 6 minutes slower that his goal - even with the bum knee. The clocked showed 1:46:30, but we won't know his official time for a few days. He finished 306th overall -not too shabby for a first-timer. Good job Nate!

After Nathan grabbed his free breakfast, he joined us on the sidelines to watch four women in our ward finish the race. The first was only a few minutes behind Nathan.

Amy, Emily, Seanna & Carmen
Great job everyone!


Jana Sohm said...

Way to go Nathan!! I was too chicken to to the 1/2. I wish I would have done it now. 1:46 is awesome time! I am very impressed!

Burton Family said...

I was so shocked you actually sold the LC. I mean, I've been there since the beginning of the LC (cursed at times and loved at times, if I remember accurateley!) But congrats on the new car. Looks very beutleresque.

And of course Nathan is the YM pres. I swear, every ym pres I know loves the outdoors, camping, biking etc. I think it is a secret prerequisite. He'll do great, though.

You guys have had one busy summer!