Monday, May 5, 2008

Hogle Zoo

Early Saturday morning, Nathan and Papa took the older kids to hike Millcreek Canyon. Nana, Henry and I met them at The Original Pancake House for breakfast afterwards. Nathan and I found this pancake house (located in the historic Sugarhouse district) when I came up to Utah in January to find a house. They serve the best pancakes we've ever tasted, so we had to take Nana and Papa. After a delicious brunch, we headed over the Hogle Zoo, which is across the street from Heritage Park and "This is the Place" Monument. I loved this zoo, because it's less spread out than the Phoenix Zoo - a lot less walking! We could also get closer to the animals, so we got some pretty cool pictures. Henry rode in a stroller the whole time, since he couldn't walk. This made our day more relaxing, always knowing exactly where he was! Nathan was really good about lifting him out of the stroller to see each animal - I kept forgetting! I could tell it was frustrating for Henry to be dependant on others to move and get around. Normally, he's all over the place! When we left the zoo, Nana requested that we stop by Temple Square to see the spring flowers. We finished off the day with a trip to a nearby ice cream place that we've been wanting to go to. Yum!

This a rare white alligator, "The Ghost of the Bayou".

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Sweetpea said...

Allison, remember me? I'm Elisabeth's little sister. We live in Holladay, pretty close to you! I love your pictures of the zoo! We've been there lots of times, but never have such good pictures.