Monday, May 5, 2008

Park Day with Papa

With Nana at Women's Conference and Nathan at work, it was up to Papa and me to keep the kids entertained. One day we went to a movie, because it was snowing. The next day was sunny, so we took advantage of the nice weather and went to the park.

Tennis anyone?

Henry would rather roll down a hill. Of course, he found a friend!

Papa treated us all to a frosty afterwards. Except for Henry - he had chicken nuggets since we forgot to feed him lunch due to his foot injury!


Shanna said...

Hey Allison! So glad to find you guys in the blogging world! I just found your link thru Deanna's blog! It's good to see your cute family! Here's my blog address:

Come by and see my new baby boy!



Sommer & Jeremy said...

Looks like fun. Why does Henry have kleets(sp?)?

allison & nathan said...

Henry found Samantha's old cleats the other day, and now he won't wear anything else - not even his new shoes!