Saturday, May 24, 2008

How to Eat Worms...Not Fried

Oh, my gosh! While we were sitting by the creek, Samantha found a slug in the dirt and showed it to Nathan. He bet her $10 that she wouldn't eat it. She DID! Nathan and I couldn't believe that she actually did it! Then Elliot walked up with a worm in his hand. He asked Nathan how much he would get if he ate it. Nathan told him $5 and, down the hatch! No hesitation! Next, Henry swallowed a worm so fast, I barely had time to snap a picture! After he took a quick drink, he raised his hands and exclaimed, "Six bucks!" Gillian didn't want to be the only one that didn't eat anything slimy, so she found herself a nice black slug (we had to make sure it wasn't a leech). Gillian showed the most hesitation - it took her a while to muster up the guts! She didn't like to idea of the slug being alive when it went down, so she tried gnawing on it a couple of times to kill it, which totally grossed me out! After making numerous faces, she eventually got it down. Nathan and I were out $25, but we had a good laugh. It was worth it! Our kids are so gross! After a while, Samantha said that her stomach felt kind of weird. It think she was cringing at the thought of what she just did!

Worth it!

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Nate or Hailee said...

Y'all are sick dude. BTW, Allison, Gillian looks so much like you in her slug-eating pictures, it's spooky (except the last one with her mouth open. That's one really big tongue).