Friday, May 2, 2008

Stages of a Kitchen

Our kitchen has gone through quite a metamorphosis. It was orange when we got here, with white appliances. Before that, I believe the walls were a light yellow - it's amazing what you can see when you're on a ladder up close (and when the last person who painted did a crappy job at masking). We decided that refinishing the cabinets would be too much of a project, so we worked with what we had. First we replaced the white appliances with stainless steel. I painted the walls green (ugh!) and then a more neutral color. **A word of caution: When painting and standing on the third rung of a ladder, do not talk on your cell phone, do not try and reach a spot that's a little out of your reach, and most definitely do not use the edge of the countertop for extra support, especially when your husband has unscrewed and detached any countertops the night before.** Next, we replaced the ugly sage green countertops. When we took out all of the cabinet drawers to get ready for countertop installation, here's what I found under the bottom drawer: a plastic knife, a pastry bag, a spatula, lots of cat hair and a Barbie shoe. How random. The Barbie shoe is pretty weird, because as far as we know, this house hasn't been home to a little girl for at least 15 years! The cat hair wasn't surprising - I've been finding that for weeks and I have officially passed my "gross-out" limit. So anyway, a few accessories have been added and now the kitchen is finally done! Just in time for Nana and Papa to come visit!

When we bought the house:

First paint job:



Nate or Hailee said...

I LOVE LOVE the brown color you decided on. Nate showed me the pictures. When I saw the green, I went "Aah!" Then he scrolled down and showed me the new color. Aaaaaah. BTW, what is that on the countertops? We might have to do that soon too.

allison & nathan said...

Thanks! I like it too. The countertops are a laminate, but they have some texture. If you really want to see what they look like, you can check out the sample the next time you're at Home Depot. It's Wilsonart HD and the color is Bella Noche.

love_suz said...

You are amazing! The kitchen looks great, as does the rest of the house. It looks/sounds like it is quite and adventure.

Sommer & Jeremy said...

Oooooo! Aaaaaah! Is that a brown or a grey? Anyway, what a difference from the green to the final color. Good job!