Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mom's Day

Mother's Day was nice for me. Nathan and the kids brought me breakfast in bed. Gillian made chocolate chip pancakes and Nathan made some chocolate dipped strawberries - anything chocolate works for me! When we went to church, the Young Men were holding the doors open and welcoming all the women with a "Happy Mother's Day!" Once we got in the door, a young man handed me a corsage. What service! It was really nice seeing every woman in the ward wearing a flower. My favorite part was when the Primary kids got up to sing Mother I Love You. It was especially touching to me this year because it's the first time all four of my children got up to sing. Oh, I'm getting so old! Henry was singing all the words - he was so cute, he made me cry! Right now, Nathan's grilling rib eye steaks for dinner - yummy!

My flowers!

Since it's Mother's Day, I thought I'd jot down the things that make being a mom fun......and not so fun!

My Un-Favorite Things:

1. When I'm wiping down the breakfast table, I keep stepping on Lucky Charms and crushing them to bits - now I know I'm getting out the broom next.
2. When I'm having some alone time in the shower, Henry shoves a Gameboy past the shower curtain at me and says, "Help me finish the level!"
3. Waking up to the kids shouting at each other - things like, "I hate you!", "Stupid!" and "Shut up!" Now, that's a way to wake up in the morning!
4. Seeing the kids get out scissors, tape, glue, markers, crayons, and cardboard boxes, and knowing that's it's going to take WW III to get them to clean up this mass art project when it's completed.
5. Listening to all the whining that comes after the mere suggestion that they take a bath or shower.

My Favorite Things:

1. When I see my kids making right choices and choosing good friends.
2. When one of my kids hugs me and says, "I love you, you're the best Mommy in the world!", just minutes after they've been yelled at or scolded.
3. When I'm dressing Henry, and he hugs my neck or stokes my hair and says, "You're so pretty, Mommy."
4. When a little one finds a few coins and carries them around in his pocket all day thinking he has all the money in the world. I especially love kids' childlike perception of wealth, when they'll tell me, "Don't worry Mommy, you can use my pennies to pay for the groceries!" What innocence!
5. When I witness my kids being kind and serving each other, especially when they put their arms around each other and offer love and support. That's when I know I'm doing something right!

So, Happy Mother's Day to all mothers! Especially ours - Jeanetta and Peggy. We love you!

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