Monday, May 12, 2008


I decided to see if I could find Kathy and K.C.'s old house in Sandy. I actually drove right to it - it was weird! The front of the house is completely obstructed by trees. I went to the front door to see if the owner was home. As I stood on the front porch looking up at the door, I recalled how it felt when we arrived after a long drive from AZ, excited for Allesha to open the front door and have the fun start! The owner opened the door, and after I told her who I was, she invited me right in. The house looks nothing like I remember it. And it shouldn't - not after $100,000 in upgrades and renovations! All of the floors and walls are now light and neutral. Boring! The kitchen has been turned around and expanded. The family room where the player piano was felt the most familiar because the walls were still dark wood with molding. When I walked down the basement stairs, a wave of nostalgia finally hit me. I had some fun times in that basement, and I never imagined that I would be walking down those stairs again! The basement has been completely remodeled into an office with a full kitchen. The wall that used to divide the pool table from the TV area has been knocked out. Jan, the owner of the house was interested to hear how the house used to look and how the rooms had been used. The biggest change is in the backyard. The tennis court has been removed and a horse arena has taken its place. It's a little sad to see how much has changed - I have such fond memories of visits to Aunt Kathy's house. But, I'm glad that I stopped by for a final goodbye!

I didn't take any pics of the inside of the house, because I thought it would be rude. I wish now I would have anyway!


Sommer & Jeremy said...

I only have faint images for memories of Kathy's house. I don't remember the front looking like that though, is that part of the renovation and upgrades?

allison & nathan said...

It looks just like I remember it, but the owner did say that they replaced the front door.